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More About Animal Theft


2 million dogs are stolen from their own yards, in broad daylight each year.


What happens to these animals?

Animals such as there are often used for laboratory research. This is because, for a nominal fee, anyone within the US can obtain a license through the USDA to sell animals obtained from "random sources". This is called a Class B Dealers License.


What's so bad about a laboratory?

Animals within laboratories often receive little or no veterinary care. Conditions have also been shown to include, little/no water, infested food, overcrowding, experimentations which include feeding of poisons, exposure to radiation and extreme weather conditions, as well as varied painful procedures.


How can I protect my animal?

There are several things you can do to protect your pet. First, never leave your pet outdoor unattended. Additional things to consider - make sure your pet has a tag on at all times, micro-chip your pet, know your local Class B dealers (A listing of licensed dealers in all 50 states can be found through the APHIS website www.aphis.usda.gov/ac/publications.html, see “Facility Lists”), spay/neuter your animals!



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